Black People Are More Than White People Essay

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African American is the second racial community in the United States of America after white community. The estimated number of black people is about 12% of the total population, which is dominated by whites by 66% (Bowman). This community has been encountering inequality and discrimination for years, which is threatening internal peace. About four in ten blacks are doubtful that the U.S. will ever achieve racial equality (Pew Research).
 Research Hypothesis:
The research hypothesis of this case study is “black people are more likely to be treated by their race than white people in the United States”
 Research Questions:
Q1. Where are the most frequent places black people are treaded based on race?
Q2. Why do black people think they have less opportunities to success than whites people due to racism?
Q3. What are blacks’ attitudes towards racism changing in the USA?
Q4. How do black people express their feeling about discrimination in social media platforms?
Q5: How many Americans see racism against black people is widespread?

• Sources
In order to understand a sensitive social issues such as the racism against black people the United States of America, it is important to cover the from different sources that allow researchers to go deep into the issue. The case study chose two sources that study the racism against black people the USA from two different sides. The first source is a research that gives a general look at inequality in the USA and asks quotations in order…

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