Black People And Media Production Essay

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Another article was about Black people in media production. This article was written by Zeinabu Davis. Davis speaks on her experience as a Black woman in media production that makes movies. She explains how more times than not in movies, African American people are portrayed as being the bad person, with a bad reputation, especially Black men. She explains how Black people are not included in many shows, movies, etc. Davis says that she has to tell her children not to behave like the Black children in the Disney shows her kids watch. She says she has to explain to them not to act like those kids because if they do, they will not be happy with the outcome of their smart talking, misbehaving, etc. (Davis, 2014). She explains how she believes movies/shows are for both education and amusement (Davis, 2014).
One of the women I interviewed came up with a good topic. She said, “Whenever I see movies where the Black man is successful and having status in society, like the show empire, they are still shown as being criminals who are in and out of jail, committing crimes. It’s so rare to see a black male role that portrays a pure man who is genuinely a good person with great goals, and is overall successful. I’ve never personally even seen a show or movie like that.” When I asked her if she believes the image of Black men in the media could change over time she responded, “No, because it’s not just media portraying them like this, it also has to do with how they carry themselves and…

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