Black Panthers : A Revolutionary Black Nationalist And Socialist Group

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Donovan Strachan
Dr. Druann Heckert
Principles of Sociology (Sociology 210)
Black Panthers
The Black Panthers was a revolutionary black nationalist and socialist group that was active in the United States beginning in 1966 and ended in 1982. (Wikipedia, May 2016.). It only had 1 international chapter that operated in Algeria, Africa which started in 1969 and came to an end in 1972. (Wikipedia, May 2016.). Scholars view the Black Panthers political party as the most influential black movement organization of the late 1960s. It is also described as the strongest link between domestic black liberation struggles and global opponents of American imperialism. (Wikipedia, May 2016.). There are those who see the black panthers as more criminal than political which they characterize as "defiant posturing over substance". (Wikipedia, May 2016.).
The original six members of the Black Panthers political party were consisted of members whose families had to move away from their homes in the south and moved to the north and west. (Wikipedia, May 2016.). These members consisted of Elbert Howard, Huey P. Newton, Sherwin Forte, Bobby Seale, Reggie Forte, and Little Bobby Hutton. (Wikipedia, May 2016.). Once they had arrived they had to face new conditions, they had to deal with racism and poverty which was unfamiliar to their parents. (Wikipedia, May 2016.). These led them to develop new forms of politics to address. (Wikipedia, May 2016.). In the early 1960s the insurgent civil rights…

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