Essay on Black Panther Party For Self Defense

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Black Panther Party for Self Defense

Some may think when they hear Black Panthers that this organization was nothing but an organized gang. Like everything in this world, you have your pros and cons. Despite some flaws, the Black Panthers were so much more than just an organized gang. They were a force to be reckoned with. So much so that the government considered them a threat and had to shut them down. The Black Panthers had a vision. They promoted unity within the community by educating, organizing, and setting up community programs. This organization was one of many that brought awareness to the unjust towards the black community by arming themselves with the same weapons that was destroying them.
Huey P. Newton was born on February 17, 1942 in Monroe, Louisiana to Walter and Amelia Newton. He was the youngest out of seven siblings. Walter Newton was considered a jack of trades, including a minister. Walter Newton was known to defy whites in Monroe, in ways that if any other black man were to attempt what he did, would cause other black men to be lynched. Amelia was also looked upon as a rebel because she was a stay at home mom. Most black mothers were servants for white families (Altman). The family moved to Oakland in the year of 1945 in search of full time jobs that were available at the shipyard because of the WW2. When the war ended most black families ended up in poverty including the Newtons. Newton then had to look to his older brothers for…

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