Black Muslims And White Devils : A Critique Of New York Time 's Coverage

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Chania Whitaker
Review Article
Fall 2015
AAAS Literature 204

Black Muslims and White Devils: A Critique of New York Time’s Coverage of Malcolm X’s separatist Movement.

Integration is a slow moving process in America, and looking at the obvious separation of groups today proves how slow that process is. Groups of people are still being pushed to the margins of society depending on their class, race, religion and other contributing factors. When integration started to be introduced into American society, it was poorly done. Looking at how the “Little Rock Nine” was introduced into Central High, the NAACP picked only the smartest black children from an overcrowded all black high school and placed them into a hostile environment. The students received harassment from the teachers and students daily. So who is integration for?
Malcolm X argued that integration was a perpetuation of white supremacy and only was done for the benefit of white people. Malcolm X was a person whom attracted people from all types of groups, whether they were negative or positive attention for his ideals. It’s hard to not get attention if you are calling white people the devil in 1960. Malcolm X was notorious for speaking his mind to achieve black unity, however for white people, it was perceived as an act of violence against white people.
In The Autobiography of Malcolm X as Told by Alex Haley by Alex Haley, when it came to Malcolm X’s ideals of integrations, he would denounce it as fraud. Here…

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