Black Men And The Crime Of Selling Dollar Cigarettes Essay

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Black Lives Matter emerged out of police officers murdering unarmed black men specifically, and the justice system not punishing the shooters. Multiple cases like Eric Garner where 8 armed and trained officers choked an unarmed black man to death for the crime of selling dollar cigarettes (CNN). The movement first came about after the George Zimmerman case where an adult white male followed a young black teenager shooting him multiple times and killing him simply because he wore a hoodie. This was a pivotal case and turning point in American society, setting the bar that the killing of unarmed black men was going to be allowed by the justice system and police shortly after started shooting more and more unarmed black men, so Black Lives Matter emerged to effectively spread awareness (CNN).

Black Lives Matter emerged out of the Florida v. George Zimmerman court case. This case was a defining moment in which the courts would say to society that the killing of unarmed black men would be allowed or would be punished. George Zimmerman, age 33, -stalked Trayvon Martin, age 17, in his vehicle, at night, for the reason that the young man looked suspicious and up to no good. George Zimmerman was apart of the neighborhood watch group which gives no authority in matters of law enforcement. Zimmerman contacted police and let them know about the young man wearing a black hoodie must have been up to some pretty nefarious deeds because of the way he looked. Police told him to stop the…

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