Black Media Racism

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Register to read the introduction… Some movies have a positive message and some are just for entertainment which bashes how we as people look. Comedic movies such as “Friday” and “How High” have many racial stereotypes even though they possibly don’t mean any harm. Some black men or women may see these movies as offensive and take it to the heart. “How High” shows how struggling black men are accepted to a Ivy-League University because they took entry test “high” and they used their high to cheat their way through school. This tells young men that its okay to go to school high on marijuana and that they will pass, which in reality it doesn’t work that way. Then, when they don’t make it through school they often drop-out and never look back at education. The movie “Friday” Ice Cube is supposed to look for a job cause he got fired but in the movie it shows him and his best friend just sitting around all day doing nothing and smoking marijuana. His girlfriend is portrayed to be “ghetto”. These movies are for entertainment but they offend a lot of people who may not have the same sense of humor as the person who wrote the material. Even though there are negative assumptions in result of the media, there are some positive outcomes of black media. People like Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry have shown that out of all of this negativity in the media there can be a positive outlook on the African American upcoming generation. They can take something so negative and make it positive. Not everything in the media results to misrepresentation of the African-American community, but some things are taken too far to the point where, other races or even people of the same race assume blacks life this

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