Essay on black man and white women

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Black man and white women in dark green row boat

The story "Black Man and White Women in Dark Green Rowboat”, written by Russell Banks, is about an interracial relationship on the brink of disaster. The story opens up on an extremely hot day in August at a trailer park that is right next to a lake with a variety of people who live there. I was not immediately aware that the black man and the white woman were the focus of the story, but those characters gradually emerged and that’s when things started to get interesting. It becomes very obvious that white women want to control everything in the relationship and doesn’t view the black man as an equal partner. Before they meet at the beach, the white women walks up
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Even after he expresses hatred towards the situation and basically tells her he wants her to keep the baby she doesn’t listen. She just insists that everything will return to normal when it’s done. He asks her what happened and she brushes the question off and explains her mother is ok with him. You can tell he cares about her mother’s opinion of him as he wants the reassurance that her mother actually likes him. The woman explains her mother just thinks she is fragile from depression. Honestly I feel like the women had had other abortions and just didn’t want to be honest with the man. After some time had passed, the woman asks him how long he was going to fish. He tells her about an hour and offers to row her to a swimming spot if she would rather swim. She turns down the offer and makes appoint to mention the fact that she has to be back in time to make it to her abortion later that afternoon; again making it known she is making this decision on her own. The women starts looking through her magazine while the man continued for a few more casts then he finally gave up and said, "No sense fishing when the fish ain't feeding. The whole point is catching fish, right?" (71). This is the man's turning point. I think he realized that the relationship he was in was kind of like fishing, there was no point in him being with her if she didn't want to move on to the next level. Before rowing back into shore, he said he wished he could just leave here there. She gets very

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