Black Lyme Connecticut And The Social Media Coordinator Essay

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Cecily Faenza grew up in Old Lyme Connecticut and when it was time to choose a college she knew she wanted a bid division one school with an emphasis on athletics. The obvious choice as a Connecticut native was of course UConn. Faenza studied communications while minoring in psychology. Faenza currently works for the New England Patriots as the social media coordinator where she handles all day to day postings across all social media platforms associated with the organization.
Faenza didn’t know she wanted to work in sport when she first started as a student. She said she started out as an education major and kind of fell into communications. Faenza also stated she really didn’t even know that sports management was an actual major. Back when she was in school Faenza said she was not aware that you could in fact work in sport. It wasn’t until her junior senior year that she realized that it was possible to have a career in sport. One of Faenza’s favorite memories as a student as UConn was illegally pitching a tent in the business school bushes to be one of the first students in line for a UConn Villanova game at Gampel.
As graduation approached Faenza realized she didn’t have any connections to get the job she wanted and decided to go to grad school. Faenza attended the University of South Carolina where she received a degree in Sport Entertainment Management. In her time at South Carolina Faenza interned with the Carolina Panthers where she was a community…

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