Black Lives Matter : The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Black Lives Matter has become the new movement crying out against racist police violence and the long desired civil rights for humanity. Triggered by a small rebellion in a St. Louis suburb, the movement has now expanded across the whole country. The Civil Rights Movements addressed the civil and political rights that were denied to people. This includes all people. While the movement surrounded around the specific struggles of blacks, it supported the rights that belonged to all people. During this period access to public accommodations, the right to vote, fair employment and housing opportunities, confrontations, the racialized degradation of people at the hands of the police all occurred. What the Black Lives Matter protests have done, however, is not only put police reform on the policy agenda, but demanded that American society reconsider how it values black lives.
In 2013, the use of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter appeared on social media after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of African American Trayvon Martin. Also, soon following the deaths of African Americans Eric Garner and Michael Brown, at the hands of white police officers, Daniel Pantaleo and Darren Wilson, in July and August of 2014. This began a transition into a global public on the streets and online protests demanding criminal charges for both officers and requesting restitution for both families of the victims. Both of the cases were eventually brought before a grand jury, in…

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