Black Lives Matter, But Only If They 're American Essay

895 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
There has always been an issue with the protesters of Black Lives Matter, whether they are right or wrong. Vava Tampa a writer of CNN argues in his article, “Black Lives Matter, but only if they’re American.” On how members and people who support this movement only focus on the small view, in other words, they focus on what’s only happening around them, not globally. Vava argues that if black lives really matter, we should take into consideration the slaughter that is happening in Africa and around the world to black lives. He questions if the problem is the media not publishing everything that is occurring elsewhere, or if the issue has to do with racism in America. Although I can come to an agreement with Vava’s point, that If we are to say black lives matter, like the name proclaims itself, then we should take in regards every black person around the world. However, taking the movement across borders won’t be simple. Vava argues that if the people feel strongly about black lives, then they should consider the lives of other blacks, not just African-Americans. He writes that the same week that African-American, Alton Sterling was killed, during that same week there was a massacre happening in Congo, Africa, “That same week, an estimated 8,500 people were also killed in Congo, Africa.” No doubt, the number of deaths is outrageous compared to the deaths of blacks in America, and no one worries or mentions it on the media. It is fair to say that…

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