Black Lives Matter : A Social Movement Essay

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Black Lives Matter: A Social Movement

With mass communication more accessible than ever due to social media and news outlets, a greater number of people are able to become aware of ongoing issues in the world. In particular, social media has brought a surge of information regarding racially motivated shootings/police brutality to the public’s eye. Starting in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman, three black activists came together to create a hashtag on twitter called “#blacklivesmatter.” This expanded from simply an online trend to a full-blown social movement involving marches, protests, and other methods for black Americans to receive equal treatment.
After the death of Michael Brown (and the acquittal of Darren Wilson), the hashtag surged in its prevalence on social media, due to the ridiculousness of how frequently police officers are able to go without consequence for the indiscriminate murder of black citizens. Another example of a racially motivated killing is the death of Eric Garner and the police officer that went without punishment. Even though there was video evidence of the excessive force used on an unarmed person, including him saying, “I can’t breathe,” Pantaleo was not prosecuted. These preventable deaths occur all too frequently and bring to question the value of a black life in America. The movement was forced to come into existence because these lives were (and still are) being treated at a sub-level to others, and those who commit crimes…

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