Black Like Me

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A person’s skin tone is just a color, so why does the color of skin have an effect on the way you're treated? In his novel, Black Like Me, John Howard Griffin introduces you to the real life of African American during slavery days. The African American is not an African American he is actually a white man who changes his skin color with dye to make his skin tone black. The white man is curious about the way African American are being treated and are living. Judging one another shouldn't be allowed. Also your color shouldn't be the reason you are treated unfairly or segregated from others. No matter your skin tone, good can survive in a world of malign. Segregation was common and popular in the book of Black Like Me. The author was a white male who doesn’t live in the south and sees how blacks are treated. The author became curious to see how blacks are treated so he decided to dye his skin color to be brown. The author then left his family and moved to the South with a brown skin color. The author then started to see how it was to be segregated from whites. Segregation between the whites and blacks in the south was harsh. The author was then introduced to being only able to use bathrooms and …show more content…
Racism is when someone is being treated like another human being because of their skin color. The author didn’t understand why the way your skin color you are treated different. He couldn’t find a purpose. On a long journey he ran into an old white male friend. He approached the man to see if he would recognize him, he didn’t. So the author then informed the male who he was. The started conversing and the conversation about racism came up. The question was ”what is the reason blacks are treated different?” The male friend answer kindly, “blacks aren’t as intelligent as whites and they aren’t capable to complete task.” But that wasn’t the end, the author had a comeback he replied, “you don’t know until you give them a

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