Essay on Black Like Me By John Howard Griffin

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John Howard Griffin wrote the book Black Like Me. Griffin was a white man that wanted a first hand account of what it was like being black in the south. In his book Black like me, he wanted to see the extent of segregation and prejudice outside of his white man perspective and see what lay beneath the surface of southern life. He decided to go to a dermatologist to get his skin darkened to carry out his plan. He conducted his observations in the deep south that was notorious for segregation in the 1950’s. He visited places like Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana as black man. He documented his experiences for six weeks in his journal.
The purpose for writing the book was to provide the readers an inside look to the inner workings of society in the 1950’s. He wanted to take a blindfold off the Americans eyes and try to unify a nation divided by color. He wanted to make segregation a United States thing instead of it being a southern thing.
The book was written in first person. It is written almost like a diary and has 208 pages. He wrote the date at the top of the pages and wrote about his observations for that given date. This style of writing made the book easier to read and his syntax helps the reader feel like they are in his mind. He is successful in helping the reader travel back in time and experience the south in the 1950’s by provided descriptive imagery. You can almost see what he sees and smell what he smells by reading his words.
Throughout the book you see how…

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