Black Life Matter : Black Lives Matter Essay

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On August 11, of last year, Salt Lake City police were called to a 7-Eleven gas station on a report of a young man with a possible firearm. They spotted a man who fit the description coming out of the gas station with friends. They asked the men to get down on the ground, two subjects complied while one pleaded against the police and refused to get down. After reaching into his pocket, the officer opened fire and shot and killed 20 year old Dillon Taylor.
This case sounds similar to a lot of the police killings that are being publicized nationally all over the news; some ending in mass hysteria with entire communities protesting and culminating in riots and violent skirmishes with the police. The only difference from those high profile police violence and this one, is that you don’t know Dillon Taylors name. There were no riots in Salt Lake City after the news broke of Dillon’s death at the hands of police, no websites and movements promoting equality and justice. That is because Dillon was like the majority of citizens in the United States. Dillon is white. This was an unfortunate incident that bears many similarities to the Michael Brown event. Both young men were walking out of a convenience store late at night and both were shot and killed by police albeit not being armed. The similarities in Brown and Taylor’s deaths end there. Brown’s death made national headlines and sparked the campaign for “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. The Black Lives Matter…

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