Black Liberation Theology Essay

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Black Liberation Theology can be defined as the relationship that blacks have with god in their struggle to end oppression. It sees god as a god of history and the liberator of the oppressed from bondage. Black Liberation theology views God and Christianity as a gospel relevant to blacks who struggle daily under the oppression of whites. Because of slavery, blacks concept of God was totally different from the masters who enslaved them. White Christians saw god as more of a spiritual savior, the reflection of God for blacks came in the struggle for freedom by blacks. Although the term black liberation theology is a fairly new, becoming popular in the early 1960’s with Black Theology and Black Power, a book written by James H. Cone, its …show more content…
Because blacks had different needs than whites, Christianity was used to uplift them from the institution of slavery. Slaves prayed secretly to God as their only master and asked to be liberated from their owners. Slaves identified themselves with the Old Testament Hebrew slaves as they were liberated by God. To them, faith was now a belief in and commitment to a God that helped the poor and judged the arrogant and the strong, their owners. Now, God instead of the plantation owner was the actual master of the slaves. Slaves believed that if God had sided against religious and political powers in the Bible, then he would free them from the oppression of slavery. They conducted secret worship and prayer far away from the eyes of their masters. In 1830’s during the religious awakening in the South the slave owners were now bringing the Gospel to the quarters and this served as social control and as a way to convert the slaves. By 1860, about 15 percent of the slaves were members of either the Baptist or Methodist church. There they heard the same sermons, had the same discipline, and shared the communion table with whites.# Despite the efforts of whites, slaves would still listen to their own black preachers and they would translate the Bible in a way in which it showed that they were God’s chosen people. In the book of Exodus in the bible, Moses leads the chosen people, the Israelites, to freedom

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