Essay on Black Liberation, By Dr. Taylor

871 Words Oct 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Dr. Taylor’s From #BLACKLIVESMATTER to Black Liberation, A Movement, Not A Moment she argues in chapter six that young African American people are getting killed for nothing, and how the African American culture should stand together to transform these social conditions. African Americans are supposed to be living in a world of equality, but all they’ve been getting is racial inequality & racial profiling. In order for those changes to be made they need an event that will drive people out from isolation, and join the movement. The truth about racism and police brutality is that it has broken through the veil of segregation that has concealed it from public view. Dr. Taylor starts building her credibility with her personal experiences, the emotional appeal to her readers making young people question is it safe to go outside with actual cases that deal with police brutality; however, her rational goes to the point where she doesn’t sugarcoat the reality of this racial inequality. In chapter six A Movement, Not A Moment Dr. Taylor talks about how African American automatically get executed for doing nothing, and how they protest because they understand what is right from wrong. If they are together collectively as a group, culture, as African Americans they could transform the social conditions that we are dealing with right now. Dr. Taylor also points out the fact that most murders of black people go unnoticed by the media, or in other cases unreported because most cases…

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