Essay about Black Is The New Black By Piper Kerman

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Prison on television and films is portrayed a lot more innocent than it actually is. They do not go into very much detail about the most intense parts. In this book, Orange is the new Black by Piper Kerman, the readers are given a perspective on the inside view of the women 's criminal justice and get to see how horrifying it actually is. There are a variety of reasons why one would say that prison changed piper for the better knowing that once she came out she would be more cautious about her decisions but more reasons why it changed her for the better stand out and have a bigger impact. The first main reason why prison changed Piper for the worse is due to her and the other inmates being segregated by race, crime and sexual orientation. The second reason being if she wants to survive her sentence she has to join a gang and the last reason would be because the situations that the guards face Piper and the other inmates with would scar them. Piper clearly shows that the federal correctional facility changed her for the worse because throughout the book the inmates are being segregated by race, crime and sexual orientation during their whole sentence. After Kerman was more than halfway through her sentence one can see a drastic change in the way she talks and treats the other inmates. She starts to become more uncaring and goes along with the way they are placed. For example, she is never very involved with people of different races or inmates who did terrible crimes due to…

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