Essay on Black History & Religion

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History is the study of the human past. The past has left many traditions, folk tales, and works of art, archaeological objects, and books and written records of our accomplishments. Historians have been recording the events of history since the Phoenicians in Africa invented the first alphabet.
For instance, until the advent of Black History Month, our school children learned all of their black history when they studied the plight of slavery in the south prior to the Civil War. Very little truth was, and still is contained in our children’s textbooks about the depth of slavery’s pain in America. So it was not a bad idea to set aside one month out of the year to concentrate on setting the record straight. Until the advent of Black History
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and carved the familiar caduceus that is still recognized as the symbol of medicine. The Greeks even referred to Imhotep as their god of healing. And this same physician was also a great architect and engineer!
History has its purpose, but it also has its place. Our forward momentum as a people can become slowed and even stagnant if we dwell too much on past accomplishments. It’s good to reflect on the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King and Rev. Jesse Jackson, but only if they motivate and inspire us to press on. Dwelling too much in the past can create deference to the present. It would seem today that we are so busy rejoicing over our past gains in Civil Rights that we have forgotten how far we still have to go. Something needs to stir the waters of complacency that overshadow our obviously still existing inequality.
1 Our average income is still significantly lower than our white counterpart.
2 We are still the last to be hired and the first to be fired in most cases.
3 Our communities are still the major target of illegal drug distribution.
4 We are still rejected for bank loans at an alarmingly high rate.
5 Our children still make up the largest percentage of the incarcerated.
6 We still register too small a number in the upwardly mobile community.
7 Too many of us still live, week to week.
History has its place, but if you rest too long “on your laurels”, as the saying goes, and you may end up with nothing but your laurels to rest

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