Essay on Black History After The United States

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Black History Month, should there be one? Many people think that there should not be one

because there is not a White History Month. Since the birth of the US Blacks have been enslaved for indentured services or sexual advocates to the early american white society. But people still digress and say that Black History Month shouldn 't be celebrated because it’s viewed as racist, this is not true because throughout the month it doesn’t show the superiority that the blacks had against the whites which is what a lot of people think. Black History month is without a doubt the most important month of the year.

Black History Month is celebrated to the remember the hardships that black people have

gone through throughout the timeline of the United States. Ever since the birth of slavery in the South; Northerners have tried to abolish it. It wasn’t until the hard labor of slavery that people had noticed from the North that people like Abe Lincoln decided that they wanted slaves free. In fact because of the emancipation of slaves the tension between the two colors only blossomed; into two diverse groups that were categorized by the color of their skin. The influence of Black History month on our society is huge it has brought segregational tension and remorseful wrongdoings between the two societies such as creating groups as the KKK and the Black Panthers. As if the people who fought peacefully for Rights wouldve wanted the two groups to distant themselves instead of love each…

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