Black Hawk Down Book Report

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Black Hawk Down was written by Mark Bowden and published in 1999. It is also a nonfiction book. This book is about a war between America and Samli. The book starts with soldiers going into a home or building they are trying to capture a specific person / people of the Samli force. The soldiers are also trying to clear out the buildings. They get shot at from outside by one of their own because he saw “ someone from the other side outside the window”. The D-boys complete their mission only to as they headed back to the Black Hawk get surrounded and shot at. One of the Black Hawk helicopters was hit and shot down. The men tried to get to the site to help their fellow soldiers. Just after that mess another was hit and fell this helicopter was piloted by Mike Durant. Many of the men were killed or wounded by the time the whole thing was over. All of this took place in a town ran by Samlies. Some characters in this book that are major people are Paul Howe, Matt Eversmann, Mike …show more content…
This was a major event in history. This book is about the first fire fight involving American troops since Vietnam. This book is a very well written novel that shows the hardships that these men went through during the war against the Somalia. The book gives details of the town in which it takes place and shows that it is obviously in a different time. Things that were expected in this time were that everyone was supposed to fight. Even the Somali women and children were fighting in this war. This book relates to today because the men in the war are all still supposed to fight till the end. As well as the people we fight against there are women and children that are made to fight against the American armies. Today we still fight over sea wars against other people. There are still many men and women who die today or are injured during the fight. There aren't many differences from the book and

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