Black Girl Dangerous Analysis

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Throughout the short history of the United States, the problem of racism in America has created plentiful collisions between white people and colored people. Indeed, Abraham Lincoln successfully abolished the slavery system in 1860. Nevertheless, in terms of the constantly anti-apartheid movement, racism has been the one of the most concerned topic of American since the American Revolution. Every racism story is written by using humans’ blood. Just as the recent outburst of violence in Baltimore, similar conflicts between white and colored constantly impact on the screen. Racial riots can lead to economic losses, death or injury, social stagnation, and so on. All of these riots are incited by influential people in racism. The face of this difficult …show more content…
That is one reason for Mia to write the “Black Girl Dangerous”. After she was old enough to understand the racism, she has known that “To be a black girl in the world is to be nothing. To be a black girl in the world is to be dismissed and dehumanized at every corner of the globe, every single day. To be brilliant and a black girl is, in many people’s minds, an oxymoron. An impossibility” (Mia 19). Indeed, as an African American, she always is judged by others in negative direction on campus. Sometimes, she tried to protect her blood and stand up for herself; however, people, especially white people, did not care about her appeal. The worst part is that white people expect that black people should modify themselves and be more submissive for the whole society because they believe it is the only way to reduce the existence of racism. Nevertheless, Mia McKenzie got tired of the rules white people want them to obey. In order to make her own claim, she firmly believes that expressing the deepest feeling of her own about the issue of racism is the only way to fight for the racial

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