Black Friday: The Christmas Shopping Day

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The shopaholics of the world love the Thanksgiving holiday but not for the reason you would think. When asking most Americans why they love Thanksgiving, most would say because of the delicious home cooked meals they eat. Some would even say spending time with their family is what appeals to them most. However, the shopaholics of the world look forward to the day with the greatest deals, the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. Studies have shown that Black Friday sales would indicate a definite profit for the stores. When stores started having sales on the day after Thanksgiving, the profit margins were very appealing. Black Friday is now known as the Christmas shopping day with some great deals. Black Friday is long day for the shoppers and the employees. Most employees have to arrive at the …show more content…
Some people always make Black Friday shopping a yearly family tradition. Even if the consumer does not have any intentions to buy anything, they love the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of shopping. Many surveys have been taken about shopping being a form of entertainment. “Half the men and 70 percent of the women consider shopping a form of entertainment” (Quartz) according to one survey. Some teenagers will go home and make videos of their shopping day and post them on YouTube and explain what was bought that day and even get responses from others. Some consumers have even made fashion blogs and posts pictures of an outfit for every day. Then under the outfits you will see where the item was bought and how much the item costs. In some, there will even be links to the online web site where others can go purchase the same thing. Retail stores may have the consumer try on an outfit and post a picture on Facebook for advertising purposes. The year of shopping has expanded in many ways and has become a more serious pastime than ever

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