Black Friday Persuasive Essay

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Thanksgiving? Turkey, family, parades... how about shopping? While you are home enjoying your turkey and pie with family just think of the miserable retail employees who are spending their time stocking shelves, counting inventory, and preparing for the grand opening start of Black Friday on a Thanksgiving night. The reality of our retail industry is that not everybody has the choice to spend time with family during Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday.

Black Friday stores shouldn’t be allowed to open on Thanksgiving because employees are compelled to cut their Thanksgiving short in order to work and the true meaning of Thanksgiving is taken away.

First and foremost, when Black Friday stores open on Thanksgiving night employees are compelled to work. Just like Christmas, Thanksgiving is a holiday and workers deserve a full day off to celebrate. Thanksgiving is one holiday that almost everyone in the country celebrates despite religion, so everyone deserves a break for this one
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While most families do abide by this act, they later find themselves hypocritically cutting their thanksgiving short to wait in lines for stores to open their doors for the start of Black Friday sales. Black Friday stores shouldn’t be allowed to be open on Thanksgiving because the focus is no longer about giving thanks for what we have but to wrathfully take more and more. These ignorant individuals start to think that shopping is more important than the actual holiday. Instead of spending time with family and focusing on the traditions people go shopping. Stores like Target, Walmart, and Kmart use commercials to advertise the holiday, for shopping purposes and not its true meaning. Thanksgiving has become more sensationalized for the cost

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