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Black Diamond 5 Line Review

Ranking as the third in series of classic slot games, Black Diamond 5 Line offers the most paylines of all Black Diamond titles, except for the 25-payline “special release”. The 5-payline version we 're reviewing today is directly in the vein of its predecessors Black Diamond and Black Diamond 3 Line. Carrying the Black Diamond tag, it is clear that players around the globe expect plenty from this game, but does it shine bright like a diamond as the name suggests?

A player 's best friend

The theme, as in all of the Black Diamond series, revolves around gold and gems. The 3D graphics are fairly crisp, but don 't expect a lot of variation in the symbols, as they 're basically the same from game to game. When developing this version they probably could have used an update on the graphics just to give it a face-lift, but they decided to expand the gameplay instead.
The difference in the gameplay for Black Diamond 5 Line reel slot is simply the ability to wager on more paylines and therefore afford yourself more chances of winning. These chances however do come at a cost, as the maximum wager in this game is $25, which plays into the hand of high rollers, but not so much those
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The game does offer an auto play option in case you want to simply set your bets then sit back and watch your money ebb and flow. There aren 't any scatters or multipliers in this game, nor any bonus games. It, like the other two classic slot games in this series, offers a simple, streamlined mode of play. No bells, whistles, or flashing lights, this game is just you against the one armed bandit as they used to say on the strip. While a lot of other rival slot games look to over complicate matters, Black Diamond 5 Line keeps things refreshing simple and Top Game should be commended for

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