Black Death In The Middle Ages Essay

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When people hear the hear the words Middle Ages they usually think of knights in shining armor, nobles, kings and queens. But if you ask a historian they would say death, disease, poverty, unfairness, unsanitary, unexpected in the medical field. So something like the Black death could easily slaughter anyone who caught it. The Black Death didn't care what class they were if they caught it, it would mean certain death. The Black Death the worst epidemic of the Middle Ages the most mind boggling thing was how fast it spread. The Black Death had a major impact on the daily life of those who unfortunately caught the disease, the real mystery was what caused it. The Black Death, The Bubonic Plague, quickly spread through Europe causing …show more content…
But those who were luckey enough not to catch the deadly disease life was much better, there was a surplus of food. That was a specialty good for the peasents because it ment more food for them, that may sound crucial but those people barey got by. There was a shortage in people so there was increase in noble or upper class who require workers. The large amounts of rats in the Middle Ages helped increase the body count by thousands. Back then they didn't know what caused the Black Death so they "blamed Jews for causing the Black Death, they accused them of poising the water. Many innocent Jews were murder because of this. Some of the Jews believed that they caused the Black Death"(Slavick). They had no hard proof on what caused it, so they blamed it on random things like the Jews. Furthermore the Black Death is a very deadly disease. It only lasted 3 years and already kill 50 million people, the disease spreads quickly and kills within a week. The Black Death affected peoples daily life, for some it was good but some it was a tragedy. Considering the facts the Black Death was the most terrifying thing about the Middle

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