Black Death: A Short Story

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Black death Could this be the end? Why must god put us through this?! Ever since the galley came back people have just been falling. My father came back with huge swollen buboes on his neck and legs. But his pain didn't last long, he died two days after he came back. There was no time to mourn over my father because my mother had gotten ill also. Every time she coughed blood came gushing out of her mouth and she had a very difficult time breathing and was very weak. There was no way she was going to make it by morning.

The next day I find her in the kitchen not only vomiting but coughing up blood everywhere. I rushed to her and she told me in her weak soft voice “Julianne sweetheart there's no time to care for me, you must go run as far
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I decided to tell her goodbye and before I left I quickly made her a small bowl of her favorite soup, and packed my stuff and headed out the door.

Although we lived in the luxury rich part of london there were dead bodies everywhere. Everybody just got used to walking down the street and having dead bodies around the corner. There was no more room for graves so they ended up just taking the piled up bodies and tossed them in a giant hole and added a small layer of dirt over the top. There wasn't even priests to say prayers for the people, and even if there were we couldn't say prayers to everyone because literally half of london even was wiped out.

When I was walking in the poor side of town, all the sudden this inhuman screech makes me jump. I creep along the side of the alll the broken up houses, I stumbled over this random dead horse… It must have come from the fields, Anyway I See these strange people in a circle singing not only that, they have whips with nails all along them caked with blood. I rush up to one of the young villagers and say “Why in the world are these people hurting themselves like this, it's it's… it's just
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She was innocent and sweet but she ended up having diarrhea, vomiting, black dead skin abdominal pains, fevers by getting chills all down her body, she coughed blood every five minutes, and even those nasty buboe things all over her body.”

I looked up at him and said “Oh my gosh my mother had the same thing she was okay when she went to bed, but in the morning it was like death was playing a cruel trick on her.” i also told him “My father got the similar disease but he only had the gross buboes, fever but with the chills, and a massive headache.”

We started talking about the things we liked and really got to know each other and started a bond i've never experienced before. But all the sudden everybody starts to go home blood dripping down their backs, I knew that those with eternal pain had it in their blood. I told tyler, “listen it was great meeting you but I really need to get going.”

He looked at me in kinda a strange way and said, “Okay um I really hope to meet you

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