Black Culture : The Black Man Essay

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The Black Man
Living in the United States, we can all agree that the states is like a mixture of different culture, different races and ethnicity. It is like a cocktail, sometimes it can feel like we don 't truly belong. Being African American, otherwise known as Black, whether it is African, Jamaican, or Haitian, that sense of belonging truly sometimes seize to exist. We live in a society where, the black man is till fighting to be recognized, accepted and belong. We often feel different, because we are. We are being differentiate and no matter how much we long to be the same and equal, it could never be. We shouldn’t want to, because our culture, the black culture is full of history and diversity. The black culture is a culture that have been neglected, misunderstood and wrongfully rejected. What is this black culture I talk about you might ask?, well the Black culture is a culture where courage is the foundation , unity is in it 's core, blood is it 's drive and yet it 's beauty is so distinguished. The inferiority that have been forced into African Americans ' brains is their own poison, the disorder that hold them back.
Let me be the first to say that it is not easy for the black man in a country where the white outshines all others. The black man is seen as the delinquent, the most likely to end up dead or alive. It is with that same mentality that as the years and generations goes by that the black man come to see himself. We no longer fight to be in front , the…

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