Essay on Black Culture And The Black Body

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Various groups throughout the world, let alone the United States, have personal narratives and original stories that set them apart from other groups. These people, whether minority or majority, have faced setbacks, obstacles, and tribulation, but still manage to forge their own destinies; thus they have created their own means of expressing their culture. Though they may be challenged, most are allowed to stand alone without much criticism, or scrutiny. On the contrary, African Americans have a unique experience that has yet to be closely identical to that of any other cultural group. African Americans are constantly under scrutiny, even as far as debating on whether or not our label should read “African American.” Whether referred to as African American, Black, Afrikan, or any other title, Black people have struggled over what is to be preferred in the representation a united black body, in their own expressive culture. In this paper I plan to introduce briefly the works Geneva Smitherman, and Perry Hall, two prominent scholars on the topic of Black cultural sensibilities, and African American expressive culture; to compare the ideas that each scholar presents; and lastly, contrast each of their arguments. By completing this criterion, I will be allowed to place emphasis on, and further discuss the importance of orality, and the relationship that social class has with the process of forming and maintain distinctive mediums of African American expressive culture. First,…

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