Essay on Black Crime And Hate Crime

1181 Words Feb 29th, 2016 5 Pages
Why if a white person kills a colored person is it publicized all over the U.S.A but if a colored man kills a white man it is most of the time looked over? In America blacks can get away with basically murder if it was in response to a racist act that was committed and it doesn’t have to be made by the person they killed. Colored people in America should not be allowed to be prejudice just because of the past, also if white people are so racist then why do many blacks think that a person of color is more racist, and finally if someone does something wrong they should have to pay the consequences no matter what race they are, no more calling every white on black crime a hate crime. All over the country blacks protest and say that they are treated unfairly and that whites are racist. A lot of blacks play the victim card as an excuse for acting prejudice so they do not have to take responsibility for their actions. In the instance of the Trayvon Martin case where he was shot and killed in self-defense by George Zimmerman, a Latino American, many in the black community seemed to look past the fact that it was in self-defense and the Zimmerman feared for his life. Also it was reported that Zimmerman was a white man to get more blacks to get upset and call it a hate crime. And in the case of Michael Brown, Mr. Brown had stolen some cigarillos from a convent store nearby and Officer Wilson was responding to this call and noticed that Michael matched the description; he…

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