Black Consciousness And African Consciousness Essay

831 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
When discussing the movement of Black Consciousness or African Consciousness one has to identify as Black or African which are defined differently depending on a person’s individual understanding of black history. Many people say, “knowing your history doesn’t matter”, and “history should be forgotten, if it is something that continuously evokes painful emotions”. However, others believe that it is vital to know and love one’s self and one’s culture. It is believed that this is important not only for historical purposes, but also to allow one to be consciously aware of the social barriers and microaggressions performed daily. Moreover, for this reason, an individual can refer to their history and comprehend the reason on which Black people are of marginalized communities. Black consciousness is understanding the importance of self consciousness, uniting the black community, and completely understanding your authentic roots promoting self love.
Self affirmation is important for the simple fact of when we’re feeling threatened by a particular criticism, the exercise reminds us of those things we value about ourselves more broadly, that are separate from the threatened aspect. As an African American it’s important to be educated and conscious about the disparities and privileges of African Americans. Consciousness of oneself is necessary to ignite unity within people of color and will help to strengthen the bond with one another. Consciousness contributes to identity and…

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