Black Codes And The Civil War Essay examples

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1. After the Civil War, slaves struggled to define their newfound freedom and what they would do with it. Even though they were technically “free,” the Andrew Johnson administration allowed white Southerners to take away the former slaves new found freedom, creating problems for the former slaves. At first, freedmen were going to be assigned some vacant land in hopes they would be able to start a new life of farming on their own lands. This was quickly taken away from them, forcing them to fall back in to old habits of working for white Southerners again. Soon they found themselves working under forced labor contracts along with states having the authority to govern their day-to-day activities by enforcing “black codes” that took away their civil rights. Although many attempts were made by the North and the government, including the Reconstruction Acts and The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments, African American’s weren’t given equal status in the North or the South and they wouldn’t see it any time soon.
2. When the former slaves found out that they were free, they all reacted and took their next steps differently. Some freedmen stuck close to their former owners by choice and if they were lucky, they might be given a small plot of land to start their new lives on. On the other hand, some tried to get as far away as possible, looking for new opportunities, but wound up back where they started because of the hard times from reconstruction that they faced.…

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