Essay on Black Class And The Middle Class

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Generally speaking, the term "class" has an extensive background. Throughout history it has been sculpted to the definition of the related time period. For the most part, the scale of distinct social classes can be (and were by the classes themselves) distinguished by inequalities in such areas as authority, wealth, working and living conditions, life-styles (Cody, 2002). In light of this, the mid 1800 's in the ever-changing United States was a time of social identification. To clarify, groups of individuals began to categorize themselves in a wide scale reform. As a matter of fact, the most common terminology would be to put it simply as those belonging to the upper class, the middle class, the working class, and the under class.

With this in mind, the new unfolding nation seemed to uphold what appeared to be adjacent to an old hereditary aristocracy. Subsequently, this was reinforced by the new gentry who owed their success to commerce, industry, and the professions, evolved into an upper class (Cody, 2002). In other words, they "upper crust" of colonial society. Markedly, they seem to preside over the educational as well as the political landscape. In detail, gentry men, or gentlemen, took it as their right and duty to govern others; they served as local magistrates, church vestrymen, and councilmen. Although this may be true, the gentry mainly consisted of large landowners, very wealthy merchants, and financiers (Colonial Social Classes, 2016).

Granted, it is…

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