Black Church Origin

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The Origin of the black church is powerful,elegant,disciplined,and full of fortitude. Not only that, African Americans fought for the creation and development of the black church with protest, dedication, and everything they had. My definition of church is you, rather your a child, an adult, or a minister yourself, the church is always in you. The desire for the black church came from the origination of the master’s church, which deferred in many families. Later after slavery came to an end African Americans still had the loyalty of the catholic church they still attempted to attend. Then came segregation and the rise of the new African American churches in the south the hatred between blacks and whites grew as they were more and more separated …show more content…
The time period after Slavery is called segregation. Segregation was from the 1850’s-the 1970’s,which was the separation between races (Whites and Blacks). African Americans During this time were hated the most. Blacks were hated by white policemen, firemen, diners, teachers, judges,and even Bus drivers. Church’s were separated also. There were black churches and white churches, and also white preachers for the white churches and vise versa for the black (colored) churches. Though African Americans were free by the U.S Constitution they still didn't have the same equality as whites. September the 15th In 1963 There was a church bombing. It was an African American Church, 16th Street Baptist Church of Birmingham Alabama;The first African American Church in Alabama (16th Baptist). It was a racial terrorist attack on innocent black people. That Sunday morning of the Bombing was a normal Sunday morning the kids in Sunday school and Adults in the sanctuary having service. The sunday school was down stairs, Sanctuary up stairs. The Bomb hit a 10:22 am, it was unexpected.It left Four children dead,20 people injured and later pronounced that two more African American children were killed (CNN). 6 children died, Never got to say goodbye to their mothers, Never could become mothers or fathers, and most of all never got to finish their lives they were so young. Denise McNair 11, Addie Mae Collins 14, Carole Robertson 14, Cynthia Wesley 14, Virgil Ware 13, Johnny Robinson 16. All of those children died that Sunday Morning with not a care in the world by three charged but one uncharged Klu Klux Klan Member. Bobby Frank Cherry,Thomas Blanton,Robert Chambliss, Herman Frank Cash. Robert was convicted of first degree murder and life in prison in 1977 and he later on died in 1985 in prison. Herman died in 1994 without being charged for the bombing. Bobby and Thomas are brought to trial and were

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