Black Business People And Entrepreneurs Essay

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Black Business people and Entrepreneurs
White supremacy made it ever so difficult for black people to become successful in American society, especially with the aid of the Jim Crow laws and segregation. There were many obstacles placed to prevent the success of black entrepreneurs, but it was also those hindrances that made them crave and push for their chance with attainment. The certain obstacles on employment faced by black people at the beginning of their “Freedom”, as well as recognition towards a few who gained success and the educational restrictions placed on black people to prevent them from learning other profession besides manual labor will be brought to light.
To begin with, the end of the Civil War marked the freedom of black individuals. But was freedom really what it meant? During reconstruction black people were promised by congress, land where they could work and build a life for themselves, but later on it was clear that “40 acres and a mule” was an impossible hope, as whites delegates would soon relent to the dispersion of land to black people. Thus limiting their pursuit to be business owners. From enslavement to sharecropping was a process that occurred after slavery was abolished. Sharecropping is a system developed during the reconstruction period where land owners allowed the use of their land for a share of the crop. The landlord usually, provided tools, seed, fertilizers, as well as food and clothing to their sharecroppers. The landowners in return…

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