Black Athletes And Professional Athletes Essay example

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Whiteness is not simply a trait that reflects the color of one’s skin; rather it is a quality that one can possess, a social construct to which society has tied a specific meaning. It is not centered exclusively on something biological or phenotypical, but is a concept created by society that has incredible value in everyday life, though it is situational and not always guaranteed. This notion of whiteness as property is readily evident with regard to African American athletes in professional sports. Professional athletes’ statuses as celebrities, as affluent African Americans, and as people with power provide a fertile ground wherein the whiteness as an attribute converts into a valuable commodity. Unfortunately, this commodity is severely limited, especially for people of color. Certainly, Seattle Seahawks All-Pro, Super Bowl Champion, strong safety Kam Chancellor would concur. This short discourse will directly engage Douglas Hartmann and Norman Denzin to argue that black professional athletes come to acquire whiteness as property, which moves them into a racially gray area because they are aesthetically Black, but socio-economically white. This dissonance leads to inconsistent treatment by the public at large.

Chancellor, who runs fitness boot camps for women, has interest in buying a gym. Earlier this year, when he saw that one was for sale, he went to the location to obtain more information. While banging on the doors and windows, he noticed two employees and waved…

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