Essay on Black And Yellow Are A Bad Guy For No Reason

1034 Words Nov 17th, 2015 5 Pages
White, black and yellow are the different colors of American citizens in this country. None of us should be treated as a bad guy for no reason. In some people’s mind, different skin colors referred to different types of people, such as the white skin color is relating to the nice people. As I visited a lot of websites about news, such as New York Times and Fox News, it is hard to find any good news about African American men. Even if I find any good news about black men, most of them are presented within few sentences. Mainstream media is creating stereotypes about African American men. As Brent Staples says in Black Men and Public Space people fear the black men because black men are stereotyped to violent guys, thieves, murders, etc. Therefore, the author says that black men are treated as bad men. African American males are often stereotyped as bad guys in mass media, however, if you take the time to get to know them, they are not like that in real life.
Victim is a good word to describe the black men in public. The comment never changes to the praise, the positive side. No matter how many good things African American men do for the society, they are still the bad guy. For example, all the African Americans families are following the rule, and showing their respect to everyone else in Castro Valley, but my uncle said the police often pull over the African American men in Castro Valley, when they walked down the street, which means the police has common sense about the…

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