Essay on Black And White Vs. White

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The late 1940’s was the peak for cigarette companies, with the all new and improved menthol soothing cigarette being brought to the market and the complete cluelessness of its harmful effects to the body. The issue was getting those who had never smoked hooked on it. Setting out to solve their problem Camel aired a commercial that completely caught viewers attention titled “More Doctors Prefer Camel’s Than Any Other Cigarette” that aired in 1949. The commercial would begin in black and white and depicts handsome doctors smoking while a sophisticated deep voice narrates through the moving images and informs the audience that doctors of every field and every state responded in a national survey that they preferred camel’s over any other cigarette brand and that they would recommend their patients to smoke Camel’s over any other cigarette because they are the smoothest and lightest cigarette. To finish it off they end the commercial with a Marilyn Monroe look alike smoking a cigarette in a low cut dress with pearls around her neck. The narrator then challenges the viewers to try camel’s for thirty days and see how soothing it is for their throats with the saying “Make a Note, Remember Your Throat” to finalize the ad. Camel promoted a very sophisticated image and a high standard for a cigarette company. Camel’s implied in their commercial that they were the best out there but implicitly suggested that their cigarettes were healthier than any other.They Sadly for camel the…

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