Black And White Victims And Suspects Essay examples

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Consequently, it is not just about the words in the paragraph or the photos shown in media, the title often says everything you need to know. Depending on the gender and race of the suspect or victim the title can vary to be very good or to paint a terrible picture for viewers. The Huffington Post posted an article about how the media treats White suspect and killers better than Black victims (Wing, 2014). The article compared article titles of Black and White victims and suspects. For a White suspect they found an article that read “Ala. Suspect brilliant, but social misfit” and for the Black victim they found one that read “Montgomery’s latest homicide victim had history of narcotics abuse, tangles with the law”. For the white suspect, who is being accused of a crime, get a pretty picture painted of them to the viewers. They may have just committed a crime, but the media makes it out to be that because the person is White, they have more traits than just this crime. They were a “good citizen, child, friend”, etc. African Americans are pictured as drug addicts, convicted felons, and terrible citizens. Another title for a White suspect was “Son in Staten Island murders was brilliant, athletic—but his demons were the death of parents.” (Wing, 2014). For the Black suspect the title read “Trayvon Martin was suspended three times from school” (Wing, 2014). Trayvon Martin may be a suspect, but his academic achievements or failures should not be posted for the whole world to see.…

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