Black And White Black Culture Essay

1278 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
I am not a stranger to the constant comparison of black and white culture— the kind that infers that white culture is superior to all that don’t embody it. What’s astounding, is that it is not just white people who are forcing this agenda upon black victims. No, it is black people who readily accept that black culture is not a legitimate analogy to white culture. Intelligence and the correct use of the English language is seen as something that is only truly manifested through white culture, and due to this false connotation, anyone who correctly expresses themselves, through the freedom that the English language gives, is accused of “talking white”. Beyond that miniscule sector poses a bigger issue of the pressures of black people struggling to keep their head above white water. In all aspects of life, they are seemingly inferior to the correct way of thinking, speaking, dressing, and conducting themselves, which all belong to those who share a snowy complexion. Relative to hooks and X, I understand how race and culture can provide a basis of discrimination when it comes to intellect. However, I never expected this negativity to follow me into everyday life— that in order to be taken seriously in a world of color, I’d have to pick a color contrary to my own; I’d have to embody white culture. Foremost, I commenced learning that I was abnormal when I attended a primarily white elementary school. My mother used to lace my hair in these beautiful cornrows that would take…

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