Diamond Cologne Advertisement Analysis

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We are expose to 500 ads daily, but we only remember about 27 ads per a day (Fowles). Why do we only notice about 27 ads? Advertisers do anything to grab our attention because that is the most important thing for an advertiser. Once an advertiser is able to get your attention then they can try to sell their product to you. This ad is using the fifteen basic appeals that Folwes mentions. The Diamond Cologne ad is in black and white, showing a young handsome man who is confident with a suit on and also with a smile, multiple women are pulling his jacket off of him, a beautiful woman with her mouth open and she is all over him by pulling his shirt towards her with a crowd of paparazzi following him. In bold, white text, it said “hard to resist,” …show more content…
Why not use colors? Although using black and white was a strategic choice, "Black-and-white images can lead consumers to focus on the abstract, essential, and defining components of a product. In contrast, color images can draw attention to the concrete, sometimes unimportant and idiosyncratic features of the product” (science daily). The advertiser wants to have your full attention on their product and the message of this ad. Black and whites also help to add sophistication. Diamond Cologne wants your full attention on their product and to be able to receive the message from the product. Why did they choose to have the model wear black and white suit? The color “black” means power and he is in full control because he is the center of attention. The color “white” means perfection and he is the definition of perfect he has a girl all over him with a crowd of paparazzi following him. They use a white bold text because they want it to stick out for you to notice it. These colors are so powerful. This shows why he is so irresistible because he is so …show more content…
When a man watches the advertisement the first thought that comes up is the man confidence and how lucky he is having women flock to him. Every man wants to be confident and be able to get a girl. This advertisement allowing you to achieve that goal of yours by boosting up your confidence. The woman grabs the man shirt and isn’t like a single inch go. She is deeply staring and him and imagining the guy in bed. The color of black and white have a strong meaning for this advertisement. The man is perfect and he is in control of his surroundings. Everything involves around him, which shows he has power. I believe the ad did a great job in achieving its goals. It catches your attention to have you even look at it, and once you able to get that out of a consumer the chances of buying your product rise. The ad has a strong hook to reel you in. Once you reel in the consumer, there is no wiggle room to get way from the ad. The ad had some subliminal

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