Bitter Again, My Coffee, The Kingdom Of Technology And Innovation

908 Words Aug 26th, 2015 4 Pages
Bitter again, I think to myself. I stare into the freshly poured coffee and just ponder the absurdness that is my coffee. “I work in Silicon Valley, the kingdom of technology and innovation. A place where every peasant has a bachelor or PhD.” “Yet not a single person can make a damn good pot of coffee.” I glance up at the employee breakroom mirror, a young man stares back. When did I get so old? “Great, I’m talking to myself again. I thought only crazy people talked to themselves. You’d have to be crazy to take this job. If a technical director’s duty is to make every peasant happy and working, what does that make me in the kingdom? “It’s so simple,” I say to the man in the mirror. I pick up my coffee and start to turn away. I am the court jester.
I make my way from the break room and drop my coffee off in my office. Then I headed to one of the many meetings I have throughout the day. As a technical director my job is to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, create dialogue between departments, troubleshoot when needed, and bore myself to death in team meetings. A bunch of corporate flunkies sitting around a table patting each other’s backs and cheering like a televangelist revival. I remember pep rallies in Antioch High school back in Tennessee, people were never into it. Nobody really got fired up, unless the cheerleaders happened to walk past your bench row. In which case if you put on those false smiles and waved your hands like a buffoon they were less likely…

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