Bitblisscoin ICO Case Study

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Six Reasons Why You Should Invest in the BitBlissCoin ICO

ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings have become an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. They are an innovative platform through which start ups raise capital. Since Ethereum’s successful crowd sale in 2013, ICOs are all the rage nowadays, eclipsing venture capital funding to become the most popular method of raising capital. According to a recently released Coindesk report, $327 million was raised through ICOs in 2017, compared to $295 million that was realized through venture capital funding.

Additionally, ICOs seem to deliver the goods faster than any other funding method. Recently, a blockchain project named BitBlissCoin raised a mouthwatering $510,000 within 48 hours through
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Like in any other investment, it’s prudent to vet any ICO before committing your money to it. BitBlissCoin ICO seeks to raise capital to scale its operations. Here are the top six reasons why you should invest in this ICO.

Reason 1. BitBlissCoin brings new cryptocurrency products into the market
The BitBlissCoin ICO stands out on the strength of its underlying, first of a kind products. These include a cryptocurrency bookstore, an investment and e-Commerce platform and a debit card. BitBlissCoin e-commerce platform seeks to provide merchants and other users with a convenient payment system. The BitBlissCoin ecosystem also features a trading platform where users can trade their BIBCs among other cryptocurrencies.
On top of this, the bookstore is the world’s first e-book store that will exclusively feature detailed cryptocurrency books.

Reason 2. BitBlissCoin offers new income generating opportunities for investors
Unlike most ICOs which fail to create a tangible, working model of generating revenue for investors, BitBlissCoin moves away from the norm. It seeks to introduce a total of seven income generating opportunities alongside its three main products. By investing in this ICO, you will enable the BitBlissCoin team to scale the monetized income opportunities, including an affiliate program among

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