Bismarck 's Ultimate Goal? Essay

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Bismarck 's ultimate goal was to unite the German states into a strong German Empire with Prussia as its core. On September 30, 1862 Bismarck made his famous blood and iron speech, which said that if Germany was to unify it would be with the use of military force. He hated liberalism, democracy and socialism. Following his speech, he dismissed the budget proposal and ordered the bureaucracy to collect taxes. This money would go to military use, and Bismarck would expand and strengthen the Prussian armies. These armies would then be used in three wars which Bismarck devised to unify the country. Nationalism, a feeling of loyalty towards one 's country, differed from German nationalism. Bismarck used wars to cause national unity within Germany but these nationalistic feelings soon disappeared once the country was actually unified. There were several different types of people located in Germany, all of them containing different views on the how the Empire should be ruled. Bismarck was a part of the Junkers or upper class, who supported militarism, and didn 't like universal suffrage because it was a threat on their way of life. On the other hand, Southern German states embraced a liberal constitution, and a movement towards democracy grew in this region. Bismarck was a Prussian landlord born in 1815, in an aristocratic family at Brudenburg. By birth and orientation, Bismarck was a conservative anti-liberal and not a friend to democracy. He was a man of unbeatable power with a…

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