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While stationed at a Navy special warfare command I was in charge of the boat shop. In the boat shop we conducted preventive maintenance and any type of repairs that where mission essential. My co-worker had just finished rebuilding an outboard engine that had multiple problems, it took use about two week to rebuild the engine at return it to its running glory. My shop set out for the operational test of this boat, as always I gave a detailed brief to my crew. I instructed my lead mechanic Kevin to come with me on the safety boat and gave Steve the helm on the test boat. Prior to us placing the boats into the water I instructed Steve to be gentle with the boat; it had a few hours of break-in or run-in time that needed to be completed prior …show more content…
I brought the findings to Steve and briefed him on what had happened. He told me that he had forgotten to keep an eye on the oil pressure. 1. Who was the sender? Myself Chad Hudson (Manager) 2. Who was the receiver? Steven Nall (Peer)

Fresh out of high school finally out on my own stationed on board the biggest United States war ship, the USS George Washington. I was onboard the ship for about a year when are engineering training cycle came around. I had never been drilled while on watch, the only thing that I knew was what I read and studied to become a qualified watch stander. I was standing watch on 2 EMD diesel engines in the forward engine room at the time of the drill. I had all of these new faces down in my engine room observing me which was a first. I was nervous as all get out, when those magic words rang out “ok your up.” It was all I could do just to remember my name, I checked into central command to receive my orders. ENC Clinton came over the radio and instructed me to gag number two diesel engine. I walked over and gagged the diesel like I had many times in the past. I reported back to ENC Clinton number two diesel is gagged standing by for further orders! I stood a waited for my portion of the drill kicked off, over the radio I heard them commence the drill that I was part of, my heart was

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