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Individual Assignment

1. What should be submitted a) A Word document (BIS320_W3_???) containing the scenarios. b) An Excel document (BIS320_W3_???) containing costs and options for a wireless router. c) A Word document (BIS320_W3_PC_???) containing the plagiarism check report.
Simply copy (not screen print) the entire plagiarism report to a word document and submit it. Completed plagiarism report must be turned in to receive credit for the assignment. If not available before the deadline, submit this document once it’s available. No penalty if the plagiarism check report is submitted late.

Where: Assignment Files tab

You could also place all three files in a zip file (BIS320_W3_???.zip) and submit the zip file instead
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You then supervise trade show personnel as they set up the booths and equipment.

After the show, you supervise packing the booth and all the equipment as well as schedule its shipment back to your home office. When the equipment arrives, you check it into your warehouse to ensure that all pieces of the booth and all the equipment are returned. If there are any problems due to shipping damage or loss, you handle those problems. Your job is important; at a typical show you are responsible for more than a quarter-million dollars of equipment.

In Scenario 1: * You need to track data about booth components, equipment, shippers, and shipment. List typical fields for each type of data. Provide an example of two relationships that you need to track. * Do you need a database system? If not, can Excel® handle the data and the output? What are the advantages and disadvantages? * Would you use a personal database or an enterprise database? Explain your answer. * Would a decision support system (DSS) be helpful? Explain your answer. * * * Scenario 2: You manage a group of seven employees in a small consulting business. Some employees work at home and some work in the office. Each of the employees needs to be connected to the Internet. *
In Scenario 2: * Does your company need a WAN or LAN? Explain your answer. * Does your business require wireless? Explain your answer. * Consider security. Is

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