BIS 320 Week 3 Individual Assignment Essay example

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Determining Databases and Communications

Scenario 1 Today’s world is one that is driven by technology. It’s almost a “get on board or get left behind” situation. Getting dressed, driving to the mall, and walking around shopping are being replaced by staying in pajamas, walking to a computer, and shopping on There are benefits to both situations but it’s up to choose how they would like to conduct business. As business men and women the situation can become a bit more complicated. The following examples help to clarify this statement.
As a marketing assistant that’s in charge of setting up the company booth at trade shows to generate new business, it’s very critical that everything be
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Each employee MUST have a solid connection from their work location so choice internet service would be provided by the employer. The next question is how will everyone connect? What type of network should be used? The normal configuration for a department located in the same building would be Local Area Network or LAN. When more of a geographical area needs to be covered then a Wide Area Network or WAN is preferred. In this specific situation, using a small WAN is the best choice. As the business grows or if employees have to relocate even further away, a WAN has the flexibility to accommodate these types of changes (“LAN vs WAN”, 2013). Another item to consider is whether or not to install wireless capabilities. The answer is absolutely yes. The cost of using a gateway with wireless instead of a run of the mill router and separate switch is not that significant. Wireless gives employees the flexibility to move throughout the company building without the limitation of having to have a hardwired Ethernet port. Furthermore, tablets and smartphones become additional tools and assets for the business. Any concerns about security or bandwidth of the wireless connection can be addressed by requiring a login and password.
What about those working remotely? How will they securely connect? The best choice for employees working from home is the

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