Bis 245 Week 8 Final Exam Essay

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BIS 245 Week 8 Final Exam

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1. (TCO 1) To delete the filter shown below
(Points : 5) click Filter in the Sort & Filter group and select Clear Filter.

click Remove Filter in the Sort & Filter group.

right click on any number in the Quantity column and select Clear filter from Quantity.

right click on any record in the table and select Clear filter from Quantity.
2. (TCO 1) Which object would you use to retrieve customers who live in Germany and the United States? (Points : 5)



3. (TCO 1) To design a report you should do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 5) draw a paper design of the
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Primary keys must be indexed.

Setting the index requires each record to be scanned sequentially.
11. (TCO 4) When building a calculated field, formulas can be created using the (Points : 5) form wizard.

xpression builder.

report builder.

able wizard.
Week 8 : Final Exam - Final Exam

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1. (TCO 5) To edit a form, use (Points : 5) datasheet view.

design view.

layout view.

layout view or design view.
2. (TCO 5) The following are form creation tools EXCEPT (Points : 5) blank form.

form design.

form layout.

form wizard.
3. (TCO 6) Which of the following statements is NOT correct about a query? (Points : 5)
Changing data values in a query will not change data values in a table.

ata is not saved within a query.

Instructions on which data to display are saved within a query.

Instructions on the format to display data are saved within a query.
4. (TCO 6) After running a query, which view will be shown? (Points : 5)



5. (TCO 7) To display data as percentages of a whole, use the following chart. (Points : 5)



Scatter Plot
6. (TCO 7) Continuous data (Points : 5) are measured in integer values.

cannot be subdivided into meaningful information.

could be subdivided into smaller and smaller units.

describe classifications or categories.
7. (TCO 8) The Switchboard Manager is an Access utility that is used (Points : 5)

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