Birthday Party Videos Project : The University Of Arizona Essay

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Birthday Party Videos Project#1
Yamilette Gonzalez
The University of Arizona

Birthday Party Videos Project#1
Introduction: For this project I decided to compare and contrast two typically developing children of ages two and five. I chose the videos from the list provided to the class, which where girl #2 on the 2-year-old column and girl# 1 on the 5 year old column. My hypothesis based on what I know from this course so far and reading a couple of articles on the web, is that the two year old girl will seem to be a bit confused and quiet, especially when singing to her or blowing the candles, but will be excited and playful when other children are around but not exactly interact with them (“Growth and Development, Ages 2 to 5 Years - What to Expect,” 2013). She will only be able to follow simple instructions. In contrast, the five-year-old girl will be able to follow the rules and know exactly what is going on, and will certainly love knowing that she is the center of attention. She will also interact a lot with other children (“Growth and Development, Ages 2 to 5 Years - What to Expect,” 2013). Based on Piaget’s theory of development, in the sensorimotor stage (birth- 2 years of age), children physically interact more with objects rather than other people they are around (Siegler & Alibali, 2005, p. 29). I feel that this justifies my hypothesis of the 2-year-old birthday girl not truly interacting with the other children that are around her, if any.…

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