Disadvantages Of Birth Tourism

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Samikshya Khadgi Professor Sharifian GOVT 2305 July 24, 2017 Assignment Paper Birth Tourism Birth tourism means to travel to another country for the motive to give birth in that country. The actual purpose of birth tourism is to get a citizenship of a new born baby in that country with birthright citizenship. The other benefit is an approach to healthcare, education and sponsoring their parents shortly. The primary target for birth tourism is the United States.
1 Which areas in the U.S. 2 are seeing the most birth tourism?
3 Birth tourism is mainly expanding in California, San Jose, mostly in the Bay Area, especially in the South Bay. According to the reports from the ICE agents, in southern California, the officials found out that there were a high number of expectant Chinese women in the hotels in America. The organizers of these kinds of
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Since the baby is a citizen of America, he or she has the right to enter America and exit the country freely without a visa card. Apart from having the authority and permission to enter the United States freely, the baby is entitled to travel to all the 38 countries that are currently under the US Visa Waiver Program if their visit is for 90 days or less. The child can also visit countries like Canada, Mexico, and Bermuda without necessarily having a visa (Smith, 116). When the child becomes 21 years, he or she can file a green card for his parents and siblings to come and stay in America. Through that, they will get a free entry and exit. As a citizen of America, the child has the right to access several benefits including the educational scholarships, grants, and the government assisted loans (Smith,

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